About Mirak Global

Mirak Global Educational Services LTD, We assist international students with personal statement, application, student visa, and support them in applying for their preferred University and course in UK. We also give potential students useful insights and knowledge on what to expect during their time in the UK, CANADA and USA, such as information on living expenses, accommodation, and entertainment.

We work with our partners Kampus Group and all the schools to give you the best of quality service experience.


Our vision is to provide opportunities and services to young graduates who want to improve their academic standards with international best practices, and to enhance the overall quality of education in the host countries, thereby increasing the economic growth and development of the countries.


  • To help young graduates achieve their dreams of studying abroad.
  • To increase the quality of our graduates for nation building
  • To make young graduates marketable with the international best practices.
  • To provide aids and support to indigent bright graduates to support their further education,
  • To process study visa for prospective students,
  • Counselling and coaching international students for academic success,
  • To work in the most professional manner with our partners to deliver best of service experience to our clients and candidates, etc. 

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